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Defence Budget One-Oh-One Primer Series

Budget Series – Kerangka Keberhasilan Kementerian: The How and Why of Development and Supply

The Kerangka Keberhasilan Kementerian is a mixed bag. By establishing a clear hierarchy of ideas, it gives us relevant insights about the substantive and practical matters that the Ministry and the Armed Forces has to address in their portfolio. However, it falls extremely short when it comes to correctly measuring or estimating the real impact of the various programs and activities. Thus, in its role in assessing the performance of the Ministry, it is not so useful as a framework.

Defence Budget One-Oh-One Primer Series

Budget Series: The Defence Budget – Supply and Development 60

We learn that the defence budget is shaped around two general categories of expenditures – Operating (specifically, Supply) and Development Expenditures. We also learn that the general trend for the last five years has seen defence spending hover around RM13 to RM15 billion. Finally, the reader has some idea of who the primary stakeholders the Ministry is, in effect, serving: the rakyat, foreign diplomatic missions, veterans and military pensioners, members of the defence industry, and some private sector and non-government entities.


Selamat Hari Malaysia! Selamat Hari Angkatan Tentera! Selamat Datang from the Editor!

Malaysia was founded on 16th September 1963, and will be 57 years old day. It is a traditional practice to also celebrate Armed Forces Day on the same date. The Malaysian Armed Forces is 87 years old, marking its birth with the formation of the Experimental Company of native Malay soldiers in 1933. The Experimental Company would then form the basis of the Royal Malay Regiment, which is the oldest infantry regiment in the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Maritime Security National Security

Making Sense of Malaysia’s Maritime Security

Both the bureaucratic dissonance and the political dismissiveness towards maritime security could perhaps be addressed by a national security strategy wargaming exercise. Such an exercise would take cues from President Eisenhower’s Project Solarium which produced NSC 162/2, a national security document outlining America’s national strategy to counter the Soviet Union.

Majlis Keselamatan Negara / National Security Council National Security

Re-Examining the National Security Architecture of Malaysia

The announcement by the Defence Minister cum Senior Minister in charge of security affairs Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob to deploy the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) in support of the police has generated considerable consternation among the public. There is a lot of misunderstanding about what MAF is supposed to do, and how they fit in the bigger context of our national security.

Defence Reform Defence White Paper

Defence Reform in Malaysia – Quo Vadis?

On the 2nd December last year, the Pakatan Harapan government presented the Defense White Paper (DWP) in Parliament. The first of its kind, it is a publicly available policy document that provides guidance to policy makers on conducting national defense affairs, while also giving the members of the public an opportunity to engage in this previously opaque area of public policy. The current DWP is to last over a period of the next 10 years, starting from 2021.

Defence Budget Defence Reform Defence White Paper Maritime Security National Security

LCS fiasco at critical crossroads

Malaysia’s Littoral Combat Ship programme was slated to see its first delivery in April 2019, with the remaining ships being delivered every six months after that. As at December 2020, it was confirmed that while RM6 billion had been paid out, the first ship of the class was only 59.79% complete. It is now March 2021, nearly two years since the original due date, and it would appear no end is in sight for the troubled procurement project.