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LCS fiasco at critical crossroads

Malaysia’s Littoral Combat Ship programme was slated to see its first delivery in April 2019, with the remaining ships being delivered every six months after that. As at December 2020, it was confirmed that while RM6 billion had been paid out, the first ship of the class was only 59.79% complete. It is now March 2021, nearly two years since the original due date, and it would appear no end is in sight for the troubled procurement project.


Selamat Hari Malaysia! Selamat Hari Angkatan Tentera! Selamat Datang from the Editor!

Malaysia was founded on 16th September 1963, and will be 57 years old day. It is a traditional practice to also celebrate Armed Forces Day on the same date. The Malaysian Armed Forces is 87 years old, marking its birth with the formation of the Experimental Company of native Malay soldiers in 1933. The Experimental Company would then form the basis of the Royal Malay Regiment, which is the oldest infantry regiment in the Malaysian Armed Forces.