About Us

Only in growth, reform, and change, paradoxically enough, is true security to be found.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Our Mission

Projek Pertiwi is run by Malaysians, for Malaysians. Many of us also have had the opportunity to work, directly or indirectly, with the Malaysian Armed Forces and other members of the security and defense community. By creating this platform, we hope to bridge the gap between the little understood military world with Malaysian society, and to encourage constructive discourse on the well-being of our national security based on facts and history, and not emotions and speculations. We welcome contributions from all who would like to join us on this quest. 

Our Name

Pertiwi is the Sanskrit word for motherland; it reflects our belief that defending the motherland should be a responsibility of all Malaysians. We at Projek Pertiwi believe that the discussions surrounding policies that affect our national security should not be an exclusive right of the selected few – every Malaysian should be an active participant in this. Malaysians are both directly and indirectly affected by many security and defense decisions and should have a means to learn, understand and interact with the space in a constructive way.

Our Values

We at Projek Pertiwi value openness, rationality, and inclusivity in our approach to defence issues. Openness is needed so that there is trust and understanding between the civil and military elements of society. Rationality is important to ensure that arguments in the field are made based on sound logic and backed by meaningful evidence. Inclusivity is needed to ensure that every citizen’s concerns and preferences are considered and reconciled as much as possible.