Primer Series

The Primer Series

Welcome to the Primer Series!

The Primer Series will be a collection of explanatory content that will provide readers with some basic information and a framework for interpreting national defence and security affairs. The logo above will mark all content under this series; it depicts a rifle cartridge being ignited by a firing pin. It’s a pun on the word primer – used both to mean an introductory textbook, and also the component of a bullet cartridge that ignites gunpowder when struck by a firing pin.

It can often be challenging for people, even the initiated, to parse through defence and security-related content on the Internet in a critical manner. By providing content that address some of the more basic elements in the field, Projek Pertiwi hopes to provide the average reader some context and tools to pierce through often times dense and difficult to follow content here and elsewhere.

To that end, this series will roll out two different kinds of articles. Glossary Entries will help to define technical terms and jargon which are often used in the field. One-Oh-One articles will help to define more complicated concepts and logical frameworks which are often used to analyse defence and security information. Hopefully, this type of content will keep readers engaged and even pique their interest to learn more.

If you are worried about not being able to follow content , don’t give up and don’t feel down! Feel free to leave comments on each article. Alternatively, you can always send an email to [email protected] if you wish to for your query to be more private. The Editorial Team will do their best to help answer any questions you have. We believe it is important for every Malaysian to have a say in deciding the defence of their nation and their security, and part of that means ensuring that Malaysians are well-informed and have the right framework!

The Editorial Team hopes that the Primer Series will serve readers well as we continue to put up more content here at Projek Pertiwi!

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